Areas of Competition
Each state winner will compete in a news conference style interview. The interview will be 4 minutes long. Each state winner submitted paperwork allowing the judges to get to know them better. All types of questions may be asked based on the information given by the contestants. Most importantly each contestant must express why she wants to represent our country on the World Stage and how she will be a role model in our community.
Fashion Swimwear:
This area of competition is what makes us fun and unique. We conduct this competition in the image of a Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Their are NO LIMITATIONS to what a young lady may present. Wings, Jackets, feathers, high jewelry, hot designs. We are looking for overall beauty, health appearance, fierce style, and great modeling skills.
Self Expression/Talent:
Each state winner has up to two minutes to present herself in any manner she deems positive. All area of the performing arts, modeling, and oration are accepted. We are looking for entertainment value, emotional connection and overall favorable impression of material being presented.
Evening Wear Presentation:
Pageant gowns, Red Carpet attire, Haute Couture are all accepted. States winners may wear pants, high lows dress and push the envelope as far as they choose. Judges are looking for overall look, style, modeling and favorable fierce presentation.
Top 6 On Stage Question:
  • The top six will be asked a single question from the judges panel.
  • Questions are at the judges discretion.
  • State Winners have one minute to answer question.
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